Meet the director

Hi, I’m Sonja.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting. I’m a well-seasoned veteran of music education.

Over the years, I’ve figured something out: Learning must be enjoyable. It’s not how well a student plays a note, it’s how the student feels while learning to play that note. The joy of playing is critical to building lifelong musicians.

What’s our secret to making great musicians? It’s simply setting up the student for success and having fun. We play!

Our story

“The Farmhouse” was born in 2014. Although close to several major suburbs, it feels remote. The buildings tell a story of days gone by, and the land provides a peaceful retreat.

It didn’t look like a ‘normal’ music studio, and we needed an appropriate name. So, the decision was made to call it what it is, and that’s Farmhouse Music Studio. It keeps it real, and definitely unique.

We embrace the country life and all it’s imperfections. It brings us joy. It’s a place to play.

Since 2014, we’ve come a long way. We now offer in-home lessons, group lessons, and special sessions. Our numbers keep growing.


Piano teacher.jpg

Our Team

Our teachers are selected not only for their exceptional skills as musicians, but also for their character. They are fun, positive, and enthusiastic.

We love our teachers because our teachers love students, understand teaching & learning, and most of all, they know how to play!