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Special Sessions

Awesome classes designed to let students explore

music in-depth or learn something completely new.

Special Sessions only available this summer.

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Beginning drum set

Beginning drum set

Beginning Drums

Play drums!

Learn coordination, notation, and basic beat patterns.

Beginners. Open to all. 30 min.

6 weekly lessons $150

12 semi-weekly lessons $300

MMTA Theory Level 2

MMTA Theory Level 2

Level 2 Theory

Prepare for fall Level 2 Theory Exams.

Studies will focus on theory exam concepts.

Group learning makes it fun!

50 minutes each session.

FMS students only. $25 per session.

Group Guitar-Beginners

Group Guitar-Beginners

Group Guitar

Get your guitar skills ready!

Learn the basics, enough to make you the cool kid at the campground!

Beginners. Open to all. 50 min.

6 weekly lessons $150